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In addition to the accommodation and meal offer, we have our own OFFER of TEAMBUILDING, with a training experience over 25 years and an impressive portfolio of clients.


We also organize PRIVATE EVENTS (birthdays, baptism, proms, etc.) offering packages including accommodation and meals.

Programme of activities for developing team spirit and competition, confidence, communication capacity, improving morale


Organisations employ individuals, but in most cases they have to work within a team. Team work, however, is not self-evident. The group of people becomes a team through communication, leadership, trust, decision-making and acceptance, creativity, problem-solving, conflict, establishment and compliance of common objectives and so on.


Team building games offer precisely such an atmosphere. Our company offers you a flexible, personalized program that, in a relaxed holiday atmosphere, develops skills that bring performance and efficiency to the organization .


Skills developed


The games and exercises in our program, give your team an opportunity for fun and practice teamwork. A special physical condition is not required for participation. Active involvement in activities as well as discussions that will take place after each activity, help individuals discover and develop  skills that improve the performance of the group. As the various stages of the programme take place, progress will be observed in the following areas:


– Solving problems through a cooperative approach

– Planning and time management

– Effective communication and feedback

– Individual and collective commitment

– Conflict resolution

– Decision-making in a participatory way

– Mutual trust

– Understanding and valuing differences between individuals

– Rational and efficient use of resources

– Team spirit and mutual support

– Spirit of competition


Types of games and activities




These are games and competitions that take place indoor, at the work table, or in the training room, carrying out various activities involving logic, attention, verbal or nonverbal communication, individual involvement, integration into the team, etc.




These games are played in nature, bringing an added charm to the competitions; they are based on good team communication and coordination and are accessible to all participants, regardless of age. The 15,000 square meters of land around the guesthouse, with creek and forest, provide the perfect setting for a multitude of games and competitions.

Teambuilding și Evenimente


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